South Australian manufacturer VAF has released a new range of speakers called Fanaticus, so-named because the Latin word variously translates as ‘enthusiast’, ‘enthusiastic’, or ‘inspired’ and is a modular design. Individual models in the range also have Latin names, such as ‘Magnus’, ‘Primus’, ‘Lorem’ and ‘Imperium’. ‘The new Fanaticus range is a watershed moment for VAF,’ says VAF designer Simon Wilde. ‘Each of the two bass modules comprising 26 individual CNC-machined panels are all inter-joined internally with lateral spars, a bonded alloy lamination is applied internally making the most inert and complex enclosures we’ve built to date.’

The VAF Magnus is the flagship of the Fanaticus range. It’s a four-driver three-way active design using twin 165mm custom bass drivers, and a 165mm midrange driver with a coaxially-mounted 25mm dome tweeter. ‘The woofers are the first of their type in the world,’ said Wilde, ‘and are made especially for us using an alloy cone, an extended roll surround and a new magnet structure driving a non-conductive titanium voice coil. This delivers wonderful, extended bass that is both very linear and fast.’

Each driver is partnered to its own individual amplifier, so there are four amplifiers within each speaker which deliver a combined total of 700-watts between them. Each amplifier also has its own DSP module to control and equalise the signal being sent to the driver attached to it. The speakers can be driven digitally, via optical or coaxial inputs, or via a conventional analogue line level input. ‘These speakers are a truly standalone system requiring only a two-channel input signal,’ Wilde told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘Their frequency response extends from 33Hz to 23kHz ±0.5dB.’

Wilde explained that the new VAF Fanaticus system has been designed to be modular, with separate bass and centre-mid-tweeter enclosures, so that the various models in the range can be described in combinations of these modules with some changes in the drive units. ‘For example the Primus is just the centre section, but is available with two driver options. The premium option uses our alloy/magnesium coaxial drivers, while the standard version uses our updated woven coaxial driver. Paired with one of our platform bass options it is a very compact high-quality satellite system,’ he said.

In other news at VAF, the company is now building fully active versions of all its current Signature Series speakers, plus a pathway for existing owners of passive Signature Series models to upgrade their speakers to become fully active. Passive versions of all models will continue to be available.

For further information, please contact VAF Research