TruAudio’s new Subterrain outdoor underground subwoofer is now available in Australia. The subwoofer is a bandpass design whose flared bass reflex port is capped by a soft-curve cap that TruAudio says ensures bass is distributed over the widest possible area. ‘We wanted to create something truly unique in the industry—great woofage in a small outdoor package,’ said Kary Wawrzyniak, Vice President of Technical Development at TruAudio. ‘We smart engineered the SubTerrain for maximum air, deep bass, and greater outdoor sound dispersion in a small footprint.

Inside the bandpass enclosure are two chambers and a 254mm diameter driver with an injected polypropylene cone. ‘Most underground subwoofers push sound straight up their port tube only to hit a u-shaped cap that directs it straight down to the ground. Clients don’t want sound directed at the ground. They want it dispersed throughout the surrounding area,’ said Nigel Ng, of Advance Audio, which distributes TruAudio in Australia. ‘They also want a small footprint, in order for an easier, more discreet install, with less impact on the surrounding landscape, and the new Subterrain is perfect here as well, as it measures in at less than 48cm in length.

For further information, please contact Advance Audio