Logitech has released the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 and the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 portable wireless speakers. (Pictured above is John Paterson, Regional Manager for Ultimate Ears holding the Megaboom 3 in his right hand and the Boom 3 in his left.)

Almost three years after the release of the Megaboom 2 and Boom 2, which have become one of Australia’s best-selling portable Bluetooth loudspeakers, Ultimate Ears has released their replacements.

The new versions now have Bluetooth 4.2 which has meant an increase in wireless range of 15 metres, with both new models able to link to a phone or tablet from up to 45 metres away. Both models also benefit from new exterior materials which are not only stronger, but also much tougher than the finishes used on the previous models.

The most useful operational change on the new models is the so-called ‘Magic’ button on the top of the cylindrical speakers, because no longer do you need to have access to your phone to control the music that’s playing through the Boom 3 or Megaboom 3. Simply touching the button will pause play, start it again, or skip to the next track. If you have your favourite playlists stored in the Ultimate Ears app, you can also access those playlists directly without need to touch your phone. One press of the ‘Magic’ button will immediately start the first track in your playlist playing. Don’t want that one? Hold the button down and the Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 will skip to your next playlist. (NOTE: The 'Magic' button only works with Apple Music at this time, but Logitech says other services "will follow"). And, of course, you can also alter volume on the units themselves by pressing the huge + button, or the smaller - button.

The new models are IP67 rated so the speakers are waterproof (one hour at one metre depth), drop proof, and dustproof, plus they both float, so they won't sink if you drop them in the bath. Both also have the 'PartyUp' feature, so if your friends also have a Boom or Megaboom (any generation) you can have them all playing together in syncronisation.

One huge improvement over the older models is that the charging port for both new models is on the bottom at the side, rather than underneath the base, so you don’t have to lie them on their side while recharging… which is handy if you’re listening while you’re recharging. However, if you own an old  Ultimate Ears powerbase, it will work with both these new models.

And the sound quality? It has been improved too, according to John Paterson, Regional Manager for Ultimate Ears (pictured above). ‘Both new models are slightly larger than their predecessors,’ he said, ‘so both deliver a warmer, bassier sound than the older models, but we’ve also been able to improve the clarity of the midrange and high frequencies as well, so overall, you’ll hear a beautifully clear, crisp sound with great bass.’

One thing that hasn’t changed compared to the older models is the claimed battery life, which is 15 hours for the Boom 3 and 20 hours for the Megaboom 3.

Available now, the Ultimate Ears Boom3 retails for $199 (RRP) and the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 retails for $299 (RRP).

For more information, visit www.ultimateears.com

Pictured Below, left to right: Ultimate Ears Megaboom 2, Megaboom 3, Boom 2, Boom 3.