Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Thorens TD201, the German manufacturer has announced yet another new turntable, the Thorens TD 202.

The new Thorens TD 202 belt-drive model comes with a Thorens TP 71 tonearm and a detachable head-shell that comes pre-installed with an Audio-Technica AT 95E phono cartridge. In common with the TD 201, the TD 202 has a switchable in-built phono stage so it can be connected directly to any amplifier or receiver, however the TD202 also has an onboard analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) so any LP you play can be simultaneously digitised and the resulting digital files stored on your computer or NAS drive. (Additional recording software required).

'The new TD 202 completes the new series of manual plug-and-play turntables,’ said Gunter Kürten, Thorens’ new CEO and owner. ‘Compared to the TD 201, the new TD 202 not only has the AT 95E cartridge and onboard ADC, but is also built with a more massive plinth.’

Available in high-gloss black, the Thorens TD 202 will become available in Australia in December, 2018, from Melbourne-based distributor QualiFi.