Thorens, now under new ownership and based back in Germany, will soon release a new turntable, the TD 201.

The new Thorens TD 201 belt-drive model comes with a Thorens TP 71 tonearm which has a detachable head-shell, enabling easy cartridge swaps. The head-shell provided comes fitted with a pre-installed Audio-Technica AT 3600 phono cartridge. The TD 201 has an integrated (switchable) phono stage so it can be connected to any amplifier or receiver or, if you’d prefer to bypass the internal circuitry, to your own phono stage or to the input of an amplifier or receiver with a phono input.

The new Thorens TD 201 is the right choice for anyone looking for a robust, easy-to-use plug-and-play turntable,’ said Gunter Kürten, Thorens’ new CEO and owner, who moved the company’s headquarters and manufacturing to Bergisch Gladbach, in Germany shortly after purchasing the company from its previous owner, Heinz Rohrer, who had moved the company from Lahr, in Germany, to his home country of Switzerland.

The Thorens TD 201 will become available in Australia in December, 2018, from Melbourne-based distributor QualiFi.