Theory Audio Design, a newly established AV equipment manufacturer based in Lake Forest, California, has appointed Queensland-based distributor Cogworks as its exclusive Australian distributor. [Click image above to enlarge]

Paul Clarke, General Manager of Cogworks, says that seven Theory Audio Design models including a multi-purpose loudspeaker, two subwoofers, three soundbars, and an amplified loudspeaker controller, are now available from Cogworks’ retail network. All the loudspeakers in Theory Audio Design’s line-up are either in-wall or wall-mounting designs. The entry-level model in the four-model wall-mount range is the SB-25, a two-way using two 127mm-diameter carbon-fibre coned bass/midrange drivers and a 35mm polymer compression driver housed in an aluminium case. Sold individually, each one sells for $1,899 (RRP).

The two subwoofers in Theory Audio Design’s range are unusual because they’re passive designs, requiring external amplification. The two models are the Sub12, which has a 305mm diameter bass driver and the Sub 15, which has a 381mm bass driver. The Sub12 retails for $3,499 and the Sub15 for $4,299.

Theory Audio Design’s three three-channel soundbars are also passive, requiring external amplification. Although they’re all in differently-sized enclosures, so they match 165cm, 190cm and 216mm screens, all use six 127mm-diameter carbon-fibre coned bass/midrange drivers and three a 35mm polymer compression drivers. Prices are $4,499 (SB65), $4,899 (SB75) and $5,299 (SB85).

The idea is to drive the speakers, soundbars and subwoofers using the Theory Audio Design ALC-1809, 9-channel Amplified Loudspeaker Controller. Rated at 200-watts per channel for each of its nine channels, the ALC-1809 uses a 32-bit digital signal processor to provide 80-band parametric EQ, automatic audio signal ducking for intercom and paging applications, particular when the ALC-1809 is used with voice control.

Despite being a youthful company, Theory Audio Design’s products have already become renowned for their startling acoustic performance and refined aesthetics, and the ALC-1809 has already won a BEST award from CE PRO,’ said Clarke. ‘The company’s sophisticated contemporary designs bring large-scale high-quality sound to residential and commercial installations where aesthetics and compact size are paramount.’

Theory’s founder and product designer, Paul Hales, said: ‘It has been an exciting journey bringing the Theory Audio Design brand and products to life. The performance of Theory products is genuinely startling, which is why the brand has received so much positive press from the initial product previews alone.’

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