Tara Labs says it has built a cable specifically designed for audiophiles who crave musicality in their audio system’s sound performance.

Matthew Bond, the Australian founder of Tara Labs, told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: ‘Most audiophiles can be categorised into two main categories—those who crave to hear every detail possible of the musical instruments playing and those who want to close their eyes and imagine they are sitting right in the middle of a live orchestra, while the musicians play music around them. The Muse Series audio cables offer an opportunity for an audiophile to have it all.’

Our 99.999999 per cent pure rectangular solid-core copper conductors are super-annealed, oxygen–free, mono-crystal, and frequency-tuned,’ Bond added. ‘The conductors are then hand-polished and coated in our proprietary liquid dielectric to prevent oxidation before inserting into PTFE Teflon lumen air tubes.’

All cables in Tara Labs’s Muse Series are supplied with an HFX floating ground station system. Made by hand in the US, a one-metre length of Muse interconnect retails in Australia for $9,995, while the Muse speaker cables retail for $17,150 in 2.4 metre lengths.

For local pricing, contact Tara Labs’ Australian distributor, Absolute HiEnd.