Although it’s better-known for its amplifiers, UK high-end manufacturer Sugden Audio builds loudspeakers as well…

The company’s latest loudspeaker design, the Sugden Mystro Precision Monitor, is a compact bass-reflex design, though Sugden says the bass reflex port is so small that the cabinet could be regarded as: ‘leaky rather than fully-ported.’ As with all Sugden products, the Mystro monitor is manufactured in-house at Sugden’s factory at West Yorkshire, England. Each cabinet is hand-made by a skilled furniture-maker who uses only book-matched veneers laid over high density MDF. All cabinet panels are both mitre-locked and glued. ‘Sugden’s loudspeaker designs have generally been of the less conventional in the marketplace,’ said George Neophytou, of Neophonics, which distributes Sugden in Australia, ‘and the Mystro Precision Monitor is no exception, since it doesn’t use a standard two-way configuration with a separate tweeter, but instead uses a single full-range driver. As a true mini-monitor loudspeaker it provides good extension in the high frequencies and is very fast and accurate, with imaging that’s so precise that the loudspeakers ‘disappear’ when you’re listening to them.’ The single wide-range 102mm aluminium-coned driver used in Sugden’s Mystro Precision was designed by the world-famous Ted Jordan of UK and manufactured exclusively for Sugden in Sweden.

The Mystro monitor is very compact (185×215×334mm—WDH) and has been designed to work close to a rear wall in order to suit it for apartment and townhouse living. Sugden rates the frequency response at 50Hz to 20kHz ±3dB, the sensitivity at 87dBSPL and the nominal impedance as 8Ω. Available now, the Sugden Mystro Precision Monitor is available in Cherry, Walnut and Zebrano finishes (the Zebrano finish is pictured) for $2,195 per pair (RRP)

For further information, please contact Neophonics