Sugden is one of the few British manufacturers that is still building amplifiers in Great Britain, and that’s true for its latest release, the Sugden Mystro Integrated Amplifier, which is rated with a power output of 50-watts per channel. The output stage is said to be true ‘dual mono’ using two completely separate Class AB output stages, each driven by its own low-impedance power supply. ‘Although it’s rated for continuous operation at 50-watts, Sugden’s engineers have built in tremendous headroom, so the Mystro’s multi-emitter, bi-polar output devices are actually capable of 125-watts on peaks,’ said George Neophytou, of Neophonics. ‘They’ve also tuned the circuitry to give extended high frequency clarity, with purpose and punch, to deal with some of the latest digital recording techniques.

The Sugden Mystro has three line level inputs, plus a phono stage, and has a ‘green’ pedigree, being fully metal cased, housing RoHs compliant components and requiring very low quiescent and operating power. ‘This is a wondrously musical amplifier with a very special pre-amplifier stage. The low level listening performance is exceptional and can be compared to amplifiers of much higher prices,’ Neophytou told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘It’s fast and dynamic with broad speaker tolerance and retains the hallmark of all Sugden products—fatigue-free listening. It is a superb portrayer of natural instruments because of its fatigue-free sound, so this amplifier’s performance will amaze and enthral listeners with its musical integrity.

Available now, the Sudgen Mystro retails for $2,395 (RRP) and comes with a full 3-year warranty.

For further information, please contact Sugden at Neophonics

altPictured Above: Sugden Mystro Integrated Amplifier, available in Australia through Neophonics.