Sugden first introduced its Masterclass design in 1998 and over the past fifteen years it has been improved and upgraded through to Sugden’s current Series 4 line-up, a product line that comprises two power amplifiers, a pre-amplifier, a phono amplifier, a compact disc player, an integrated amplifier and a headphone amplifier. Sugden recently expanded the Masterclass Series by adding the FPA-4 Pure Class ‘A’ Stereo Power Amplifier.

The Sugden Masterclass FPA-4 power amplifier is a 30-watt per channel pure Class-A design using Sugden’s classic single-ended circuitry. ‘It’s a design that has given musical satisfaction to thousands of discerning music lovers over many years,’ said George Neophytou, of Neophonics, which distributes Sugden in Australia. The FPA-4 has both unbalanced (via RCA) and balanced (via XLR) inputs. The balanced input is connected to left and right ‘virtual transformer’ circuits to convert the signals to single-ended. The input stage is a new design Sugden says exploits the potential of the Class-A output stage. ‘It has the characteristics of a very good valve amplifier with soft clipping and low internal overloads,’ Neophytou told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘The phase shift at high frequencies is also extremely low resulting in a very open, uncompressed big and fatigue free sound stage.

The amplifier also benefits from Sugden’s own ‘Sugden Error Correction’ circuitry which offers extremely low open loop output impedance with resultant high damping factors, while at the same time minimising distortion. Coupling of the output of the power amplifier to its chosen speakers is via a ‘soft connect’ protection circuitry that protects against switch-on/switch-off transients. ‘In common with all Sugden amplifiers, the new FPA-4 has been designed and developed to give the ultimate musical satisfaction from the myriad of music storage/reproduction sources which now exist,’ said Neophytou. Available now, the Sugden Masterclass FPA-4 Pure Class-A Stereo Power Amplifier sells for $4,350 (RRP).

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altPictured Above: Sugden FPA-4 Pure Class-A Stereo Power Amplifier