Australian Sugden distributor Neophonics has taken delivery of Sugden’s new Fusion 21 CD players.

The Sugden Fusion 21 doesn’t use the usual CD or SACD drive. Instead it uses a DVD transport which Sugden says it controls using custom software routines it designed itself. These make use of the higher rotational speed of the DVD drive to allow the data on CDs to be read multiple times, after which the correct information is stored in a data cache. George Neophytou, of Neophonics, told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: ‘The interconnected front-end servo board has a short-term data cache, which stores the signals and clocks them out with quartz accuracy to a dedicated digital interface transceiver that cleans up (de-jitters) the received digital audio signals before reformatting them and sending them on to the multi-bit digital to analogue converter. The new set-up eliminates the use of steep-edged filters that radically eliminate frequencies above 20 kHz, meaning that the Fusion 21 has performance equal to, or better than, that of quality analogue LP turntables.

The Sugden Fusion 21 can also be used as a stand-alone digital-to-analogue converter, in which mode it can accept data with sampling frequencies of up to 192kHz. The recommended retail price is $3,295. When we asked about the new Sugden’s curious name, Neophytou said, ‘The Fusion 21 is the third-generation compact disc player from Sugden. It has a fusion of technologies, hence the word Fusion.

For further information, please contact Sugden at Neophonics


Pictured Above: The Sugden Fusion 21 CD Player, distributed in Australia by Neophonics.