The Spendor SP1, designed by Spendor’s founder, Spencer Hughes, was a unique design, because it partnered a 203mm bass/midrange driver with two dome tweeters: one 32mm in diameter and the other just 19mm in diameter. The Spendor SP1/2R2 was similar, but used a dome midrange driver and added a second bass reflex port to the front panel.

This new Spendor SP1/2 design partners a 210mm bass driver with a 150mm coned midrange driver and a 22mm dome tweeter. All three drivers are vastly improved, thanks to advances in materials technologies that have enabled superior cone materials and superior magnets. In the new Spendor SP1/2, the bass/midrange driver has a cone made from EP77 polymer that’s fitted with a Kevlar composite dust cap, which operates from a cast magnesium alloy chassis. It’s made by Spendor itself, in the United Kingdom.

The bass/midrange driver takes care of frequencies up to 490Hz, after which it hands over to the 150mm cone midrange driver, which in turn hands over to the 22mm dome tweeter at 2.7kHz.

The new Spendor SP1/2’s design history goes way back, probably as far as the BC1,’ says Andrew Hutchison of AudioFix, which distributes Spendor in Australia, ‘but the new SP1/2 has a cone midrange driver and this is a significant change from the SP1/2R2, hence it is really a more affordable and easier to locate version of the big SP100/Classic 100 than an improved version of the older SP1/2R2.’

Spendor rates the frequency response of the SP1/2 as 30Hz to 25kHz (no dB limits stated), the nominal impedance as 8Ω (no minimum stated) and the sensitivity as 87dBSPL. The cabinet measures 621×308×433mm (HWD) and weighs 22kg. Unlike earlier models, the grilles now attach to the cabinet magnetically. Available now in Cherry or Dark Walnut finish, the Spendor SP1/2 retails for $9,999 per pair (RRP).

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