Advance Audio Australia is now the exclusive distributor of Soundcast in Australia. Soundcast is an award-winning manufacturer of high-performance Bluetooth audio systems. Its newest VG range was only released earlier this year.

Two of the stars of the Soundcast VG range are the VG1, an IP67-rated ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker, and the VG7, a rugged indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker designed for backyards, bushwalking and boating. ‘It’s not just another Bluetooth speaker,’ said Nigel Ng, Product and Operations Manager of Advance Audio Australia. ‘Bluetooth speakers are a highly competitive industry, but where Soundcast excels is in high-performance Bluetooth speakers. You can also pair two Soundcast models together to get true stereo if you wish.’

We are most pleased with our decision to appoint Advance Audio Australia,’ said Oscar Cornei, President and CEO of Soundcast. ‘We look forward to working with AAA as we together launch our VGx Series of roving zone speaker systems to the Australian marketplace in 2018.

The first Soundcast speaker to go on-sale in Australia will be the VG1 ($249) which uses a speaker array comprising two front-firing aluminium-coned drivers and a large 'racetrack' rear-firing passive radiator, for which Soundcast claims a frequency range of 76Hz to 20kHz. ‘Featuring Bluetooth 4.2 (aptX) with six pair memories, the VG1 can play back for 15 hours on its internal rechargeable battery, and its hands-free speakerphone works with Siri,’ said Ng. ‘Measuring just 74mm by 59mm by 173mm and retailing for $249, the VG1 will go on sale near the end of November.’

The Soundcast VG Bluetooth speaker release schedule is:

Soundcast VG1: $249 (Nov 2017)
Soundcast VG3: $499 (Q1 2018)
Soundcast VG5: $849 (Q1 2018)
Soundcast VG7: $1,399 (Nov 2017)
Soundcast VG10: $1,199 (Q1 2018)
Soundcast VGTx: $179 (Nov 2017)

For further information, please contact Advance Audio Australia