Said to be inspired by the minimalist music of famous French composer Eric Satie, the new Soulines Satie DCX turntable is a minimalist turntable, using only those parts essential for performance: a highly rigid aluminium sub-plinth supporting a substantial main bearing, along with a massive platter and exchangeable arm boards that between them are said to be able to accept any 228.9mm (9") tonearm available, with Soulines recommending a starting point of at least a Rega RB202/RB303 or Jelco 25 tonearm.

The main chassis is made from the three 20mm thick layers of MDF bonded together and coated in durable grey-coloured graphite finish that contains fine aluminium dust participles that are said to improve damping.  The wing-shaped, one-piece sub-plinth is machined from solid aluminium, and is decoupled from the main chassis at four points, with the mass distribution having been carefully calculated to place the centre of mass on the central vertical axis of the main bearing, in the sub-plinth horizontal plane. The 40mm-thick platter weighs 2.4kg and is machined from polypropylene. The massive inverted main bearing uses the same employing Delrin thrust plate as used in Soulines’ more advanced models. A Perspex dust cover, an SA cover, a high-performance rubber-cork mat and a Protractor LP/cartridge alignment tool are all supplied as standard.

The drive system is built around the same high-quality d.c. synchronous motor used in Soulines’ more advanced models,’ said Chris Strom, of Radiance Audio Visual, which distributes Soulines in Australia. ‘It’s electronically controlled not only to ensure easy operation but also to enable fine speed adjustment at either 33.33 or 45rpm.’ Available now, the Soulines Satie DCX turntable retails for $3,000 (without arm).

For further information, please contact Radiance AudioVisual