Sonos owners can sign up for a free 14-day trial of Telstra’s new MOG music subscription service… with no data charges for Telstra customers.

Sonos today announced that all Sonos customers in the Australia will receive a free 14-day trial of MOG on Sonos with Telstra customers receiving the extra benefit of no data charges. ‘It’s another step in providing access to all the music on earth,’ said Niv Novak, of Sonos Australia. ‘Beginning today, Sonos customers can enjoy a high-quality, on-demand listening experience of MOG from Telstra all over their home.

Telstra Director of Digital Media and Content, Adam Good, says of the MOG service: ‘Our goal is to deliver the best music listening experience by making it fast and easy for music lovers to listen to any song, at the highest quality, from virtually anywhere—on the computer, on their phone, and now in any room with Sonos. MOG offers unlimited, anytime, ad-free listening to any artist or full album from a more than 16 million song library.

Telstra’s MOG streaming service serves music at 320kbps and has a ‘MOG radio’ feature that allows you to customise radio stations ‘on-the-fly’ by choosing true ‘artist only’ radio or a full mix of similar artists. Good says that MOG offers customers simple searching and browsing features with easy browsing and navigation of albums and artists, and of new releases, chart-toppers, ‘Editors’ Picks’ and play-lists created by recording artists.

MOG offers all new and existing Australian Sonos customers a 14-day free trial after which users can upgrade to MOG’s Premium subscription plan for $11.99 per month. Simply go here  to register for the free trial.

For more information, contact Sonos Australia

altPictured Above: Sonos Apps on iPad and iPhone showing MOG streaming interface, with Sonos PLAY 5 (Left) and PLAY 3 powered speaker systems.