Google Assistant is now available on compatible Sonos components such as the Sonos One (pictured below) and Sonos Beam (pictured above). [Click for larger images.]

A software update that went out on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 means that owners of all compatible Sonos products can now use their voice and Google Assistant to control their systems, from starting and stopping songs and controlling smart home devices to getting updates on calendar events, flight schedules and traffic delays. ‘The new update marries the best of Google Assistant’s smarts with Sonos’ superior sound experience, integrating the Assistant across the Sonos’ full ecosystem of products and partners,' said PR Madison Lawler, on behalf of Sonos. ‘Not only that but it’s the first system to offer multi-voice, because with the Google Assistant, Sonos is first to bring multiple voice assistants to the same sound system, demonstrating the power of an open, multi-partner platform.’

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