Acoustic treatment products made by Sonitus Acoustics are now available in Australia through Convoy International, which has announced that the first Sonitus acoustic panels using the company’s new magnetic fastener system will arrive in August.

Sonitus Acoustics’ panels come in a multitude of different colours, thickness and designs to allow a wide variety of acoustic treatment solutions,’ said Geoff Matthews, CEO of Convoy International, ‘and the company’s product line includes a wide variety of absorbers, diffusers and bass traps.’

Sonitus has developed a magnetic fastening system for its panels that eliminates the need to attach its panels to surfaces using glues or fixatives, which means the panels are now easy to remove and re-locate if necessary. ‘This exciting option makes Sonitus’ acoustic treatment panels a more attractive proposition than other solutions in the marketplace,’ said Matthews, who told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that Convoy will be exhibiting Sonitus products at the Integrate Expo that takes place at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour on 22–24 August 2018.

For more information, contact Convoy International.