Solid Tech has announced its new ‘Hybrid’ model, which adds to the company’s range of high-end AV racking systems.

The Hybrid is an incredibly ingenious design,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute Hi End, which distributes Solid Tech in Australia. ‘Ingenuity may be hard to define, but you know it when you see it, and it’s more than evident in the Hybrid, which was designed for one purpose: to be the definitive representation of Solid Tech’s world-renowned craftsmanship, which has seen it win awards for its Rack of Silence and Radius racks.

Using only four ‘building blocks’, the Hybrid can be perfectly adapted to house almost any A/V system. The four building blocks are comprised of: a shelf-kit, 200mm corner pillars, 275mm corner-pillars and finally 350mm corner-pillars. The black or white texture-painted shelf is CNC milled from 19mm high-quality MDF. The stackable block design allows for adding, subtracting or changing at any given time and ensures isolation between every shelf for enhanced performance. Resonances and vibrations are minimised by felt-padded isolation discs made from brass. In addition to vertical expansion, the rack can also be expanded horizontally. All corner-pillars include two cross-dowel slots which enable unlimited expandability to easily adapt every combination from single rack use up to more complex fully-fledged A/V configurations. ‘With literally four tubes in a tube, Solid Tech’s unique aluminium extrusion corner-pillar design has the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio in the industry,’ Granovsky told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘The internal bracing of the corner-pillars not only stiffens the design, but also keeps any resonances at very low amplitude.’ Starting price for the Solid Tech Hybrid is $805 per level.

For further information, please contact Absolute HiEnd