Sol Republic’s Master Tracks XC headphones, which it says are its ‘first professional-calibre headphone’ were ‘studio-tuned’ by multi-platinum producer, recording engineer, singer, songwriter and collaborator Calvin Harris, who recently split with his girlfriend Rita Ora, after she landed a role in the upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey.

‘With sound that’s acoustically accurate for music artists to use in the studio, and style, lightweight design and durability for use everywhere else, Master Tracks XC over-ear headphones deliver professional-grade sound with a modern headphone design,’ said Geoff Matthews, of Convoy International, which distributes Sol Republic in Australia. ‘Master Tracks XC produce an extremely dynamic, sonically accurate and shockingly powerful sound signature with incredible vocal presence that retains critical details in the high, mid and low ranges. It offers an unprecedented combination of audiophile acoustics, high-end, club-level dynamic power, and rich, sophisticated styling.

Calvin Harris (pictured right) told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine about his aims in tuning the Master Tracks XC headphones the way he did: ‘DJs travel a lot and they produce music on their laptop, on the plane, or in the car,’ he said. ‘These headphones were created to have professional sound quality so you can make music anywhere and it will sound just like it was made in the studio. And if it sounds good on these headphones, you know it’s going to sound good at the club.

Constructed with an advanced polymer compound that Sol Republic calls ‘FlexTech’, the headband on Master Tracks XC headphones is immensely strong, and can be tossed, twisted and bent without breakage. Each set of ‘phones is supplied with a two-metre cable and a 6.35mm headphone adapter that can be secured on a metal arm, so it’s never lost when you go from the studio equipment to your phone. The MFI cable has a three-button mic/music control to complement any compatible accessory device as well as ‘left’ and ‘right’ jacks that glow in the dark so they’re easy to read in a low-light environment. Available now, Sol Republic Master Tracks XC Headphones retail for $349.

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