British engineering and specialist high end audio company SME has announced that its long-awaited Synergy turntable, which comes complete with a magnesium tonearm fitted with a moving-coil cartridge and a built-in phono stage, will be released in October. The turntable is completely new, but the arm is the highly acclaimed SME Series IV, the cartridge is an Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti, and the phono stage is made for SME by Swiss manufacturer Nagra.

The SME Synergy’s main chassis is machined from a solid billet of premium grade aerospace aluminium that is supported by four large polymer isolators inside adjustable feet, which allow for quick and easy levelling. The main spindle is 19mm in diameter and machined from high chrome tool steel.  It is machine ground, super finished and supported in a sealed housing with individually matched sintered bronze bearings.

The platter of the Synergy is machined from aluminium alloy, damped with an isodamping material exclusive to SME and weighs 4.6kg. It’s fitted with a reflex clamp to ensure the largest possible platter contact, even with warped records. It’s driven by a three-phase, brushless out runner motor with 8-pole neodymium magnets and three integrated Hall Effect sensors whose three speeds are adjustable, with final speed maintained by a high-performance microprocessor, optimised for motor control.

Fitted and factory set for immediate use, the SME Synergy comes complete with Ortofon’s ‘exclusive series’ MC Windfeld Ti moving-coil cartridge fitted with a Replicant 100 diamond stylus. This cartridge is made using Ortofon’s Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology, whereby fine particles of titanium are welded together to create a body-core optimised for overall rigidity and cartridge weight. It has Aucurum coils of gold-plated oxygen-free copper. Output impedance is 7Ω and the nominal output voltage is 0.2mV.

The ultra-compact battery-powered phono stage made for SME by Nagra is housed within Synergy’s main chassis. Amplification is provided by individually selected and matched bipolar transistors combined with audiophile-quality capacitors and precision MELF (Metal Electrode Leadless Face) resistors. The MC input transformers are designed and wound in-house by Nagra, benefitting from the company’s unique experience in this precision field. Although set-up for the Ortofon Windfeld Ti, the built-in phono stage resistor values are fully adjustable should the user want to change the cartridge in the future.

Synergy’s design is compact, sleek, modern and instantly recognisable as SME,’ said Rom Beyerle, of Pure Music Group, which distributes SME in Australia. ‘Incorporating precision engineered components, and exhibiting the high attention to detail and the craftsmanship for which SME is globally renowned, the new Synergy delivers an extraordinary vinyl listening musical experience.’ The SME Synergy retails for $26,800. (RRP)

For further information contact Pure Music Group.