International Dynamics now has Rotel’s flagship preamplifier/processor on sale, the RSP-1580. This reference-standard preamp/processor is from the 15-Series. ‘Its power supply is capable of fulfilling the voltage and current demands of a modestly-sized integrated amplifier, let alone a preamplifier,’ said Alex Encel, of International Dynamics. The power is supplied by a very large, efficient, toroidal transformer made by Rotel itself, which is followed by British-made BHC capacitors made especially for Rotel. ‘This strong power supply provides rock-solid performance even when listening to dramatic movie audio effects, where other preamplifiers/processors underperform,Encel told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘The RSP-1580 is unflappable under any circumstances.

Unusually, the RSP-1580 has a 10-band parametric equaliser with adjustable Q, which means you can adjust its frequency response to compensate for room modes. The preamplifier/processor has dual DSP processors and can decode all the current audio formats. A front-panel USB port also lets you take the digital signal from an iPod/iPhone/iPad, thereby using the RSP-1580’s advanced digital-to-analogue converters rather than those built into the portable devices themselves. It can also function as a four-way video matrix switcher, using its four HDMI 1.4 inputs and four HDMI 1.4 outputs. ‘This feature is beneficial when users need to send an audio/video signal to more than one video monitor in different rooms,’ said Encel.

A large 16:9 TFT display on the front panel of the RSP-1580 allows easy access to all set-up and operational menus. Available in either black or silver finishes, the RSP-1580 sells for $4,199 (RRP).

For further information, please contact Rotel at International Dynamics Australia (IDA)