Roon Labs has unveiled an entirely new technology it calls Valence that it says can accurately predict which new music releases you will like, plus adds additional functionality to Roon. It’s contained in Roon 1.7.

Valence is a system built on a cloud database, that uses machine learning algorithms in conjunction with its information about the musical tastes of the now more than 100,000 Roon users to model the way different pieces of music are related—such as by shared musicians, shared producers, shared lyricists—to suggest music you might like that you’ve never previously heard. ‘The result is the ultimate music expert, which presents the world of music through a lens personalised just for you,’ says Roon founder Enno Vandermeer. ‘For example, in most streaming apps, ‘New releases’ are just a list of everything that’s been released in the previous week. Valence lets Roon show you new releases you might care about, based on your library and listening history.

You can also use the new functionality to let Valence to pick a selection of an artist or composer’s best music by determining their ‘heyday’ periods, finding their most popular albums (based on Roon users’ listening history), plus you can even use it to find lesser-known gems. 

Roon says that Valence also improves several long-standing Roon features, enabling faster, more accurate searches, providing better context for classical compositions and vastly improved credits metadata. ‘More than 44 million additional credits have been introduced to fill gaps that existed before, and the roles associated with those credits are more consistent and accurate,’ says Vandermeer. This new Roon 1.7 release with Valence also includes support for importing credits from file tags.

Other features of the 1.7 release include optimised streaming for better performance with slower internet connections, a 30–40 per cent increase in library management speeds, and improved Android compatibility, so that it now acts more gracefully when the state of an Android device’s audio output changes, such as when a phone call is received.

Roon also reduced the price of its Lifetime Roon subscription to $US699.

For more information, go to Roon Labs