Homegrown manufacturer Rogue Audio released its first-ever headphone amplifier, the RH-5 at CES 2017. Option it up and you can also use it as a high-end preamplifier...

The RH-5 comes standard with three pairs of RCA inputs and one pair of balanced XLR inputs, but you can add extra (phono) inputs by adding an optional onboard phono amplifier,  which has user adjustable gain settings of 43 and 58dB as well as a wide variety of loading options.

Headphone outputs are provided via 3-pin and 4-pin fully-balanced outputs plus there are also two 6.35mm TSR headphone jacks, so you can run three pairs of headphones simultaneously. Three gain settings allow the output to be matched for either high, medium or low sensitivity headphones.

The RH-5 is a really exciting product for us’, said Rogue Audio’s Production Manager, Nick Fitzsimmons (pictured above right, with the RH-5), who was in charge of Rogue Audio’s room at CES 2017 when I visited. ‘It’s a pure tube amplifier with a MOSFET output buffer that can deliver close to four watts of output power if required, and it’s totally built here in the US.’

An OLED front panel display shows all settings and volume level and the RH-5 comes standard with a seven button remote allows you to turn on the RH-5, change volume, select source and mute output as well as dim or turn off the OLED display.

At present, Rogue Audio is not being distributed in Australia but Nick Fitzsimmons said he’d discussed doing so with three well-known Australian distributors at CES 2017 so, as they say, watch this space. Available now in the US, the Rogue Audio RH-5 retails for $US2,495.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Rogue RH-5
Tube complement: 2 x 12AU7/ECC82 tubes
Frequency response: 5Hz – 50kHz ±1dB
THD: <0.05%
Gain line stage: 3dB/12dB/16dB (selectable)
Rated output: 3.5W (32Ω)
Output impedance: <0.1Ω (1kHz)
Gain phono stage: 43dB, 58dB
RIAA accuracy: ±0.1 dB
Phono overload: 40mV
Dimensions (WHD): 15 X 13.5 X 4 inches
Weight: 19 pounds
Price: $US2,495 (RRP)