One of Britain’s oldest loudspeaker brands, Rogers, is now again available in Australia. The new distributor is Melbourne-based Audio Magic.

Rogers has been internationally synonymous with quality audio equipment since 1947,’ said Aleksandar Maksimovic, of Audio Magic. ‘Rogers’ founder, Jim Rogers, through his inspiration and inventive ideas, produced a sequence of consistently improved and refined loudspeakers, which are now available again in updated form, such as the celebrated Rogers LS3/5A [pictured above and below, click on images to enlarge], which is available for an audition in our showroom, and the Rogers LS5/9, which will be available shortly.’

Maksimovic told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that in addition to updated versions of classic Rogers models, the company was also releasing updated versions of classic Rogers amplifiers. He was expecting the Rogers E20A integrated amplifier to be available soon.

Rogers International UK Ltd says that more than 50,000 pairs of the original Rogers LS3/5a Classic 15 Ohm design had been previously manufactured. ‘Rogers are now once again manufacturing this landmark speaker in the UK exactly in accordance with BBC specifications,’ said Andy Whittle, of Rogers International*. ‘This means that the cabinets are made from critically damped 12mm Russian birch ply with hardwood beech fillets, along with a Tygan grille. The 19mm Mylar dome tweeter has a Kraft Nomex voice-coil former, while the 110mm bass/midrange driver has a doped Bextrene cone. Both drivers are hand-finished and pair-matched in the UK.

The original Rogers 20a was a push-pull anode follower self-bias valve integrated amplifier rated at 18-watts per channel into 6Ω that although it bore the Rogers name was manufactured to the company’s design by AudioNote (UK). Very few were ever built, so that units in good working order these days command second-hand prices of $3,000 and upwards. We have no information about the design or specifications of the new Rogers E20A other than that it will look a whole lot better than the original 20a.

A few years ago, Absolute Sound Magazine listed the Rogers LS3/5a as one of the twelve most significant speakers of all time,’ Maksimovic told Australian Hi-Fi, 'with the magazine stating that “the Rogers LS3/5a offers a startlingly realistic vocal reproduction and a remarkably expansive and box-less sound picture”, proving that the LS 3/5a has stood the test of time as few other speakers have. Ultimately the Rogers LS3/5a has transcended its BBC monitor status to become an audiophile legend in its own right.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Rogers LS3/5A
Frequency Response: 80Hz–20kHz ±3dB
Nominal Impedance: 15Ω
Crossover Frequency: 3kHz
Sensitivity: 82.5dB/W/M
Dimensions (HWD): 305×190×165mm
Weight: 4.9kg
Price: $4,950 per pair (RRP)

For more information about the Rogers LS3/5A, Rogers LS5/9 or Rogers E20A, please contact Audio Magic.

(*Important Note: Rogers International UK Ltd, which manufactures the products mentioned in this news story, is not associated with Rogers High Fidelity, company owned by Roger Gibboni that is based in the USA and manufactures a range of valve amplifiers.)