Australian-owned Richter Audio has finally released its long-awaited Thor 10.6 subwoofer, the most recent addition to the Thor Series 6 subwoofer line-up.

The new Thor 10.6 is smaller, faster and more powerful than any previous Thor subwoofer,’ said Brian Rodgers, of Richter Audio. ‘We’re using a new 450-watt Class-D amplifier to extract the highest levels of performance from an equally-newly designed high-performance 254mm long-throw bass driver.

Richter’s Thor 10.6 has more configuration options than any previous Richter subwoofer, with three-mode DSP equalisation, including a unique ‘Merlin Mode’ that ensures the output of the subwoofer integrates perfectly with that of Richter’s award-winning Merlin bookshelf loudspeakers. Further tuning is possible by using three differently-sized bass reflex port plugs to modify the low-bass output. ‘Richter has for many years delivered award winning subwoofers, but this time the challenge was to deliver a subwoofer that not only delivered the full home theatre experience but also excelled for two-channel hi-fi systems,’ said Rodgers. ‘Size does matter; we tasked our designer with packaging this new Series 6 subwoofer into a smaller, more functional package.’

The Thor 10.6 has a ‘pass-through’ circuit, making it easier to link multiple Thor 10.6 subwoofers together to address room mode issues, and provide additional volume if required. ‘After all, the only thing better than a Richter Thor 10.6 subwoofer is two Richter Thor 10.6 subwoofers,’ quipped Rodgers. Available now in matte black—but also, by special order, matte white—the Richter Thor 10.6 subwoofer sells for $1,499 (RRP).

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