Rega says its new Planar 10 [pictured above, click image to enlarge] was developed and engineered to encapsulate the essence of the company’s flagship Naiad turntable, but at a more affordable price. ‘Like the Naiad, the Planar 10 uses exotic materials, carefully selected to reduce mass and improve rigidity throughout the design, but innovations in the hub bearing, sub-platter, motor and drive belt design have enabled even greater accuracy in platter speed, all of which impact on sonic performance,’ said Philip Sawyer, of Synergy AV, which distributes Rega in Australia.

The Rega Planar 10 has a Tancast8 foam core with HPL skin skeletal plinth, a new RB3000 tonearm with a ceramic top brace that sits between the tonearm and central bearing, a ceramic platter, and a re-engineered low-mass central hub bearing. ‘For the first time on a Rega production turntable, a ceramic top brace delivers ultimate rigidity and accuracy whilst creating the perfect platform between tonearm and central bearing,’ said Sawyer. ‘The Planar 10 also comes standard with Rega’s most advanced 24v, synchronous electronic power supply housed in a brand-new, full metal custom case that’s a perfect match for the latest range of Rega electronics.’

The new low mass central bearing assembly comprises a single-piece machined aluminium sub-platter and hardened tool steel spindle that run inside a custom brass housing designed with improved mechanical integrity. Although it’s available without a phono cartridge, Rega recommends users take advantage of its factory-fit option to fit its new Apheta moving-coil cartridge, which has the additional benefit of a discounted price for the Apheta. ‘The Apheta 3 was developed alongside the Planar 10 and uses Rega’s most advanced ‘Fine Line’ profile diamond stylus,’ said Sawyer. ‘The Planar 10/Apheta 3 combination sets new accuracy standards in retrieving information from the record groove making this a truly ‘state-of-the-art’ player.

Available later this month, the Rega Planar 10 sells for $9,499 including the factory-fitted Apheta 3 MC phono cartridge, or for $7,799 without it.

For more information, contact Synergy AV