Rega’s new Ania Pro moving-coil cartridge is one of the world’s smallest and, at 6 grams, one of the lightest, yet thanks to a neodymium magnet system said to be unique to Rega, and low-mass coils hand wound onto an iron micro cross, it can produce an output of 350μV.

The Rega Ania Pro has a rhomboid pivot for its cantilever which in turn, like many modern designs, does not use a tie wire. Unlike Rega’s high-end aluminium-bodied phono cartridges, the Ania Pro has a body moulded from Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS-Fortron), a polymer/glass material known for its hardness, which is then reinforced with stainless steel inserts. ‘To achieve the intricate body shape of the Ania required the most complex high-pressure injection mould tool that Rega has ever designed,’ said Philip Sawyer, of Synergy Audio Visual, which distributes Rega in Australia. ‘The tool has eight major parts, four of which must move in perfect synchronicity with each other to achieve each cartridge body. It’s so complex that it took a full year to design and build it.’

The Rega Ania Pro’s cantilever is tipped with a nude-mounted diamond stylus with Rega’s ‘Vital’ stylus profile. Rega claims the result is a super-flat frequency response, channel separation of more than 29dB and channel balance better than 20μV. But it’s the sound that counts, and Sawyer says of that that it has: ‘Market-leading musicality, performance, speed, clarity, and detail as never before heard at this price.’

Rega rates the Ania Pro with a nominal output impedance of 10Ω and recommends a load impedance of 100Ω and a tracking force of 1.75–2.00g. When it becomes available in March, the Rega Ania will go on sale at $1,499 (RRP).

For more information, contact Synergy Audio Visual