Australian manufacturer REDGUM is using crowd-funding to kick-start the launch of its Black Signature Series amplifier, released to celebrate the company’s upcoming 21st birthday.

Founded by Ian Robinson in 1993, REDGUM’s current amplifier range comprises 11 Stereo amplifiers, 2 Home Theatre amplifiers and 8 Subwoofer plate amplifiers.

The new Black Signature Series will replace the company’s long-running (7 years), Chinese-made REDGUM Sonofa'GUM amplifier and will be an integrated-only amplifier range, this time using the original Australian circuit design for each model, including the unique ‘Dual Mono’ remote, but is purpose-designed to be able to drive ultra-low speaker impedances by the addition of a bigger transformer and a ‘SignWave’ heat sink. ‘Essentially, the REDGUM Black Series RGi35ENR is totally a REDGUM design, by being a turbo-charged version of the long-tried and -trusted original REDGUM RGi35ENR …and so, of course, it has the same REDGUM sound,’ Robinson told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘Unlike existing REDGUM amplifiers, it will be made in Shenzhen, China, but exactly to the standard of an Australian-made REDGUM amplifier, because I will personally make sure of this.

According to REDGUM’s promotions manager, Lindy Gerber, the combination of Chinese manufacture and crowd-funding will ensure a great deal for crowd-funders. ‘How great a Deal is this campaign?’ she said. ‘The original and still current REDGUM RGi35ENR (50+50WRMS) retails at $1,390 ($1665 with unique Dual Mono remote) and was designed with 8Ω loads in mind, though it handles 4Ω loads without raising a sweat. In contrast, this new REDGUM Black Series RGi35ENR will be available for $988, including the Dual Mono remote, is purpose-designed for all loads down to 2Ω, and will deliver power outputs of 65-watts per channel (8Ω), 80-watts per channel (4Ω)  and 95-watts per channel (2Ω), so compared to the original amplifier design, that means the power of this Black Series version is now on steroids, rather than its pricing! Even better, some units will be available for prices as low as $888.

According to REDGUM, the prime objective of crowd-funding the RGi35ENR was to cover the cost of the first 500 pieces of ‘sine wave’ heatsink casting and related metalwork. ‘A quantity of aluminium castings is normally not a big deal,’ said Robinson, ‘but each ‘SignWave’ heat sink is so large and heavy that it weighs 7kg, meaning that in total, for the first 500 amps, you’re looking at around 3.5 tonnes of aluminium!

Robinson told Australian Hi-Fi that if the funding target was not reached, all those who’d participated in the campaign would be offered special pricing. ‘In the event we do not reach our funding target, we'll sort out a modified production volume and subsidise the cost of the amplifier for all those who took part in the process.

For details of how to become involved in crowd-funding REDGUM's new 'Black Signature Series' amplifier, visit Indiegogo's site HERE, or via the link from REDGUM AUDIO.