Danish manufacturer Raidho’s new X-5 and X loudspeakers feature many of the same technologies found in the company's C and D Series models, but are much more affordable.

Both the Raidho X-5 and XT-5 partner a ribbon tweeter with six of the company’s unique ‘X Ceramix’ midrange and bass drivers, the motor systems of which have been recently upgraded with resultant increases in efficiency and power-handling ability. ‘The result is unprecedented dynamic capability coupled with an extremely robust construction built to handle incredible levels of continuous, clean power,’ said Benno Baun Meldgaard, chief engineer at Raidho.

The drivers in the ‘XT’ version of the 5 design have cones made with a seven-layer membrane of aluminium and ceramic material to which Raidho has added a combination of titanium and titanium nitride particles—a trickle-down concept derived from the diamond drivers used in the Raidho D-Series. “The experience we gained while creating our incredible diamond drivers directed us towards some interesting possibilities,’ said Meldgaard, ‘so our goal became to approach or even match the performance of our D-Series diamond drivers, at a far more affordable price, and the XT driver was the result.’

Both the X-5 and the XT-5 are available in piano black finish or Birdseye Maple from the Australian distributor, Entertaining Environments.