Denmark’s Raidho Acoustics showed two floor-standing speakers for the first time at CES: its new D-4.1 seven-driver three-ways (picured above being demo'd at CES 2017 in its room in the Venetian Tower), and its new C-3.2 five-driver, three-ways.

The Raidho D-4.1 ($US100,000 per pair) were at the RMAF last year, so this was simply the first time they’d been shown at CES, but for the new C-3.2 floor-standers ($US37,000), their appearance at CES 2017 was the first time they’d been seen in North America.

Raidho’s D-4.1 stand 1.58 metres high and weigh 64kg. The driver layout comprises four 115mm bass drivers, two 110mm midrange drivers and a sealed ribbon tweeter. Raidho claims a frequency response of 25Hz to 50kHz ±3dB, a nominal impedance of 6Ω and a sensitivity of 89dBSPL at one metre. All the coned drivers in the D-4.1 use Raido’s ‘diamond’ drivers, where the central core of the cone is made from a ceramic material, after which a 10 micron layer of diamond is layered onto each side. The magnet is not conventional, but a ‘vertical’ system, where a ring of individual rectangular neodymium magnets encircles the voice coil, rather like a fence.

The C-3.2 are somewhat smaller than the D-4.1s, standing just 1.32 metres high, and weigh ‘only’ 53kg. The driver complement is 3 115mm bass drivers, one 100mm midrange drivers and the same sealed ribbon tweeter used in the D-4.1. For the C-3.2 design, Raidho claims a frequency response of 30Hz to 50kHz ±3dB, a nominal impedance of 5Ω and a sensitivity of 88dBSPL at one metre. All the coned drivers in the C-3.2 are what Raidho calls a ‘ceramix’ material, which uses the same ceramic core as in the ‘diamond’ drivers, but instead of diamond being applied to each side of the core, aluminium is used instead. The magnet system is identical to that of the D-4.1

For more information about Raidho, including local Australian availability and pricing, contact Raidho’s Australian distributor, Entertaining Environments.