Questyle, so far best-known for its portable audiophile digital audio players, has released its first Wireless Eco System, which comprises a new QP Master ($1,999) portable digital audio player, an SHB2 Super Source ($2,999) preamp/transmitter/dock, and a CMA Twelve headphone DAC/Amp ($2,299). (Questyle also designed an RX200 wireless 200-watt monobloc power amplifier for this system). ‘Together these components make up the first ever completely lossless, uncompressed high-resolution, wireless, Eco system (transmitting over a 5GHz, closed frequency) on the market,’ said Philippe Luder of Audio Dynamics, which distributes Questyle in Australia. ‘It also represents Questyle’s first foray into the high-end two-channel audio market, and is set to redefine what a high-end system can be, cutting out its own niche as a true lifestyle audiophile system.

The Questyle Wireless Eco System transmits and receives wireless signals using its own closed 5GHz frequency with a range of 100 metres and converting the digital audio signal from within the amplifiers right at the speakers instead of at the source. It has the ability to pair up to 10 channels and allows users to run multiple systems.

The core component in Questyle’s Wireless Eco System is the SHB2 Super Source System which serves as a pre-amp and transmitter for the system as well as a dock for either a QP Master or a QP2R portable music player. The SHB2 then transmits the signal to the two RX200 power amplifiers to which you connect your loudspeakers. It also transmits to the CMA Twelve DAC/Headphone Amp. ‘The QP Master is the latest iteration of Questyle’s highly-praised QP series of digital audio players,’ Luder told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘It has better cosmetics, higher power output, a lower noise floor, a 4.4mm balanced output, overall higher performance and the ability to stream from a smart phone or tablet via its USB C port for easy audio streaming from your favourite iOS or Android app.’ All products except the RX200 are available ex-stock in Australia right now.

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