Great news for anyone who owns a Questyle QP2R (or later model) hi-res portable audio player! The company has released its HB2 ‘Hub’—a cradle that stores it, charges it, transfers bit-perfect audio from it to your home hi-fi system and adds remote control... indeed it’s so good it just picked up an iF 2018 design award.

The Questyle HB2 Hi-Fi Hub System allows far easier use of the SP26’s high-quality replay capabilities when you’re at home, rather than out and about. It docks the QP2R and can charge it (though stops charging while playing in order to avoid any potential interference), and it has a convenient physical remote control that allows control over playback, as well as menu navigation, from a distance. The Hub does not incorporate a DAC itself, rather extending the outputs of the QP2R into the RCA connections most useful as inputs to hi-fi systems, and in the settings menus you can choose whether the HB2 will output to your system in digital or analogue format.

In design terms the Questyle HB2 Hub follows the cues of the QP2R, also protecting against vibration by using solid aircraft-grade aluminium together with a special silicone material on the base and supporting the player. Available now, the Questyle HB2 retails for $999.

For further information, please contact Questyle's official Australian distributor, Audio Dynamics