This year’s annual QUADfest, which was to have been held in Germany on Saturday, September 14, 2019, has been cancelled.

Manfred Stein, the show's organiser, released a statement that said: 'Fate sometimes puts you too many obstacles in your path and plans must be changed. The forecasted QUADfest in September will not take place. We very much appreciate your understanding for our decision.'

He advised that anyone who has already booked travel plans is still welcome to visit during ordinary office hours at QUAD Musikwiedergabe, Brunnenstrasse 57, 56751. Gering, Germany. (Phone: +49 2654 987977) . 'Let us know as soon as you are in our area and please spend us a visit.' he said. 'There is always time for a chat and a coffee...and our electrostatics can`t wait to "sing" for you.'

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