Quad has added DTS Play-Fi to its Vena II integrated amplifier, thereby endowing it with wi-fi, Bluetooth, streaming and multi-room capabilities, along with the ability to integrate with any other product fitted with Play-Fi. [Click on image to enlarge.].

Despite looking almost identical to the original Vena II, released just over a year ago, and which will continue to be available for those who don’t want to pay the premium for the Play-Fi circuitry, the new Vena II Play is slightly different, with a ‘NET’ button making its first appearance on a Quad front panel, and with the volume adjusted via a stepped resistor network under microprocessor control, rather than the motorised ALPS potentiometer used in the Vena II. There are also white LEDs around the volume control to gives a visual indication of volume level. A further change is the number of antennas. Whereas the Quad Vena II has a single one for Bluetooth, the Vena II Play adds two more for its dual-band Wi-Fi receiver.

As with the Vena II, the Play version also packs in an integral hi-res DAC with USB, coaxial and optical digital inputs, aptX Bluetooth reception, and a range of analogue inputs including a phono stage. There’s also a dedicated headphone amp. ‘By adding the Vena II Play alongside the existing Vena II integrated amp, Quad offers customers a useful range of options,’ said Raffi Keverian of Audio Video Revolution (AVR), which distributes Quad in Australia. ‘For those who regularly stream from internet music services, or store music on a computer or NAS drive on their home network, or want to build a wireless multi-room set-up, the integration of Play-Fi provides a convenient way to add these facilities to a high-performance audio system. However, not everybody requires these features; for those who don’t, the existing Vena II remains a superb integrated amp at an excellent price.’

Digital duties inside the Vena II play are handled by an ES9018K2M DAC. The amplification is all Class A/B, with power from a 200VA toroidal transformer and a pair of 15,000uF capacitors. Quad rates the Vena II’s power output at 45-watts per channel into 8Ω. ‘Whilst the power output may appear quite modest by modern standards, in practice the amp will drive any speaker it is likely to be partnered with to high volume levels with consummate ease,’ said Keverian. The MM phono stage is a high-quality, low-noise, JFET-based circuit and the headphone amplifier uses current-feedback circuitry.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Quad Vena II Play
Power Output (8Ω): 2x 45-watts
Power Output (4Ω): 2x 65-watts
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
THD: < 0.002%
S/N Ratio: >108dB (A-weighted)

For more information, contact Audio Video Revolution