Puro Sound Labs, which makes headphones with protection circuitry intended to prevent hearing damage, especially in children, has partnered with Australian Hearing, which is the sole provider of services for government-funding that can be accessed by children and young adults under the age of 26, and has provided more than 463,000 hearing health services in the past year.

Australian Hearing is distributing the Puro BT2200 headphones, which were designed for use by children and were named the ‘safest’ headphones by The Wirecutter. Gina Mavrias, of Australian Hearing, told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that partnering with Puro was a natural fit because both organisations care about children's hearing health. ‘As the sole provider of government-funded hearing services to young Australians, we strongly support the importance of protecting young ears from anything that could damage hearing,’ she said. ‘Research shows that 64 per cent of Australians aged between 11 and 35 years old experience tinnitus or ringing in the ears. Tinnitus is more common to those who frequently listen to loud music on their personal stereo.’

The Puro BT2200 Bluetooth model has Puro’s ‘Healthy Ears’ hearing protection circuitry which limits volume to 85dBSPL. It also applies equalisation to the audio signal that Puro calls ‘Puro Balanced Response Sound Curve’. ‘Our mission is to get our headphones in the hands of children all over the world,’ said Brett Lacey, CEO of Puro Sound Labs.

The BT2200 is available in several colours including blue, purple, black and white. Two other models, the IEM200, in-ear studio grade headphone, and the OEH200, over the ear headphone, were developed specifically for schools and institutions to allow for the safest listening experience at a lower cost.

Puro Sound Labs also builds headphones for adults, such as the Puro BT5200 Bluetooth headphones, which are claimed to offer 82 per cent noise-isolation, volume limiting, PBRSC and real-time LED-based indication of volume levels as you listen. ‘All children and adult models offer and studio grade audio quality to ensure a healthy, optimal listening experience,’ says Lacey. Available now, the Puro BT2200 Bluetooth Headphones retail for $144 (RRP).

For further information, please contact Australian Hearing