The Beatles’ classic White Album has been re-mastered and is being re-released on double 180g vinyl, CD and Bluray, along with the Esher Demos, and the studio Sessions. And Pro-Ject is releasing a ‘White’ turntable to celebrate the re-release.

Not only is the Pro-Ject turntable white, but owner Heinz Lichtenegger has managed to convince Ortofon to produce a special white version of its 2M cartridge, and he’s also built a white version of the Pro-Ject Evo tonearm. So it’s all white, white, white… including the record clamp. The turntable is based on the Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB so the limited-edition homage turntable (only 500 will be built) is called the ‘2Xperience The Beatles White Album’. It has a 9-inch Evo tonearm, an MDF chassis and an acrylic platter. The European price is E1,499.

Local Pro-Ject distributor Interdyn has yet to announce availability or pricing, but since production is so limited, we’d suggest you contact them immediately to pre-order, rather than waiting. You can contact Interdyn HERE.