Interdyn has released Pro-Ject’s VC-S2 ALU record cleaning machine (RCM) which it says takes record cleaning to new levels both in terms of the efficacy of the cleaning process and the speed at which LPs are able to be cleaned. [Click image to enlarge]

‘The new Pro-Ject VC-S2 is super powerful and cleans records in as little as two rotations, which is around three times faster than comparable cleaning machines,’ says Leigh Fischer of Interdyn. ‘The result is a much faster and more effective cleaning process, plus the improved motor that Pro-Ject developed to enable this high level of performance is also more robust, so it will last for a long and extended lifetime.’

Unlike many RCMs, the VC-S2 is built from aluminium, so it’s able to withstand fluid spills without compromising the chassis. The VC-S2 has a 2.5 litre container to collect used fluid and although Pro-Ject says it is ‘effortlessly easy to empty’ the company also claims that if you use its Wash-IT non-alcoholic vinyl cleaning solution you won’t need to empty it at all, because the fluid will evaporate in the container before it ever fills.

The VC-S2 has an aluminium clamp that seals the record label from cleaning fluid to avoid damage to the label and the robust suction arm is easy to use, mechanically stable and focuses all suction power directly onto the record surface,’ says Fischer. ‘With its many practical features and excellent mechanical operation, Pro-Ject’s VC-S2 effectively combines industrial design appeal with an easy solution to ensuring great sound from your vinyl records.’ Available now, the VC-S2 sells for $899 (RRP).

For more information, contact Interdyn