PMC introduced its new Fact Series Fenestria loudspeaker to Australia at the newly re-furbished Studio 301, which not co-incidentally uses PMC studio monitors in all its recording studios.

In Australia to officially launch the speakers was Chris Allen, PMC’s International Business Development Manager. ‘Six years of research and development went into the design of the Fenestria, during which we partnered with the University of Manchester and National Physical Labs and together pushed loudspeaker technology to the limits,’ he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, ‘and the result is that the Fenestria is our best passive speaker design ever… and, I think, one of the best in the world.

The PMC Fenestria is a six-driver, three-way design that uses four 165mm carbon-fibre flat-diaphragm bass drivers, a 75mm dome midrange driver and a 19.5mm Sonoflex-domed tweeter. ‘The four bass drivers are spit across two cabinets, and feature our unique ATL transmission line bass loading technology,’ said Allen. ‘The cabinets also feature our unique vibration cancellation technology, where we looked outside the loudspeaker industry and how skyscrapers cancel unwanted vibration. The result was that the Fenestria uses a ‘mass-damper’ vibration cancellation technique similar to that used in tall buildings.’

The ‘mass dampers’ to which Allen was referring are the planar ‘wings’ that are suspended (via compliant mounts) to each side of the cabinet. Each wing weighs 5kg and, says Allen, ‘remove cabinet talk.’ Cabinet vibration is removed from the midrange and tweeter because they’re mounted on compliant mountings that PMC calls ‘aureoles’, which in turn are mounted on an aluminium extrusion PMC calls a ‘nest’ that is itself suspended from the cabinet by four compliant mountings.

Allen told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that every driver used in the Fenestria is brand new, designed from the ground up for use in this flagship consumer speaker. ‘The 75mm dome midrange might look similar to the dome midranges we use in our professional monitors, but it’s actually a much better and much more refined driver… in fact it’s the best 75mm dome mid we’ve ever made, with a very large magnet, a hollow pole-piece and with the dome venting into a large damped chamber at the rear. And although the bass drivers look similar to those we use in our QB, the drivers in the Fenestria have two ultra-light carbon-fibre membranes between which is sandwiched a layer of foam, to achieve the ultimate ideal of rigidity, low mass and high damping required to deliver fast and accurate bass.’

The PMC Fenestria speakers that debuted at Studio 301 can be auditioned at The Life Style Store in the Riverbank complex in Parramatta. ‘We’ve been fans of PMC for a long time now,’ said Vinod Christie-David, of Life Style Store, ‘particularly of the PMC 20 Series and PMC 25 Series, so we’re very proud to be the first retailer in Australia to be able to demonstrate the PMC Fenestria. They not only sound wonderful, but also have beautifully aesthetic styling.’ Available now, the PMC Fenestria loudspeakers retail for $89,999 per pair. For more information, contact PMC’s official Australian distributor, Interdyn.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: PMC Fact Series Fenestria Loudspeakers

System Type: 3-way passive
Frequency Response: 23Hz - 25kHz
Sensitivity: 86dBSPL (1W/1m)
Impedance: 4Ω (Nominal)
Crossover Frequencies: 380Hz & 3.8kHz
Dimensions (HWD): 1700×370×623mm
LF Drivers: 165mm×4
MF Driver: 75mm soft-dome
HF Driver: 19.5mm soft-dome
Weight: 80kg
Finishes: White Silk, Rich walnut, Graphite, Tiger ebony.
Price: $89,999 (per pair)

Pictured Below: Chris Allen, International Business Development Manager for PMC, at the Australian launch of the PMC Fact Series Fenestria loudspeakers.