Playback Designs has announced a new ‘Dream Series’ DAC/Transport/SACD/CD/Server system.

Despite the announcement, it’s early days yet, as Andreas Koch, Playback Designs’ president and designer, said that he would only be showing ‘early prototypes’ at the upcoming Axpona and Munich shows rather than shippable products.

The Dream Series consists of the MPD-8 standalone DAC and MPT-8 transport with CD/SACD drive and optional music server built in. The MPD-8 DAC uses DAC architecture based on Playback Designs' existing discrete converter design but according to Koch, ‘incorporates significant improvements and new technologies.’ Its digital inputs support all sample rates and formats up to QUAD DSD, and software is provided that allows you to create of PCM or DSD music files on a computer from any digital sources connected to the MPD-8.

The MPT-8 Digital Music Transport uses what Koch told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine is a newly developed CD/SACD drive mechanism that was designed from ground up for audiophile applications. The optional music server (Syrah) can be controlled via i- and Android devices and provides internal storage (SSD) as well as access to external storage and networks via DLNA.

For more information, contact Playback Designs’ Australian distributor, Pure Music Group