Pure Music Group has opened a new retail store in Melbourne, called Sonic Purity, and a new Web Shop, and is having a sale to celebrate.

In addition to the new dedicated Melbourne showroom, which offers auditions by appointment, Sonic Purity is also selling on-line via a Web Shop at sonicpurity.com.au 

Following continued growth and expansion, coinciding with the opening of our dedicated high-end audio showroom in Melbourne, Sonic Purity is our new retail sales division,’ said Rom Beyerle, of Sonic Purity. ‘We aim to provide exceptional levels of customer service, so that we’ll always go that extra mile for customers to help them in their quest for the best possible sound quality. And to ensure they get the best possible pricing, we offer parity pricing.’

To celebrate the launch of the Web Shop, Sonic Purity is having a sale of phono cartridges, featuring such brands as EMT, Kuzma, Phasemation, Lyra, TechDAS and ZYX. To see what’s on sale, click HERE

We’d love for everyone to take a look at our new website and give us some feedback, as well as join our mailing list if they’d like to enjoy the occasional newsletter, news about products announcements, special events or sales’ Beyerle told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

For more information, contact Sonic Purity