Hi-Fi industry veteran Paul Clarke has been appointed General Manager at Cogworks Distribution, the Australian distributor for Meridian, Trinnov Audio, Acurus Aragon, Nakymatone, Fibbr, Pro Audio Technology and others.

Paul will oversee the operation of the company and will work closely with our team in the future development and direction of the overall business,’ said Paul McLean, Custom Sales Manager of Cogworks. ‘Our Design Service and associated benefits will grow in its content and will serve Cogworks’ clients in very good stead.’

Clarke holds a degree in Marketing and has more than 40 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry, having started in 1970 with Haco/Hagemeyer (JVC) and worked for major Australian hi-fi distributors including Pioneer, APlus Brands (Interdyn), Audio Active, and Synergy Audio Visual.

Paul’s experience is broad, having been in senior sales and marketing management roles as well as store ownership,’ McLean told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘We welcome his many years of hands-on industry experience.’
Paul Clarke can be contacted on (04) 3722 7535 or at pc@cogworks.io

For more information, contact Cogworks Distribution