Paradigm showed off its Persona 9H Flagship model at CES 2017. It’s a hybrid design with Anthem Room Correction built in to control the four active bass drivers.
Retailing for $US35,000 per pair, the Paradigm Persona 9H uses a pair of Class-D amplifiers, each rated at 700-watts, to drive four 216mm bass drivers, with Anthem’s proprietary room correction ironing out room acoustics problems via interposed DSP. ‘On the 9H, the midrange cones and the tweeter’s dome are made of 99.9 per cent pure truextent beryllium,’ said Ronnie Turpie, of Paradigm, pictured above alongside a 9H (with a Paradigm 3F to its right). ‘This is an ultra-high performance material found in no other speaker at this price level that guarantees the cones and domes are lightweight and stiff, with instant, detailed dynamic response, vanishingly low distortion and zero colouration.’ Turpie also told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that the new 9H has drivers with dual, high-temperature 38mm voice coils, Kapton formers, Nomex spiders and die-cast aluminium woofer baskets with integrated heat sinks. ‘The 9H is our most ambitious design to date, and leverages more than 34 years of acoustical development, vertical integrated manufacturing, and state-of-the-art design,’ said Turpie. ‘It ushers in a new level of performance for the Paradigm brand.
Manufacturer’s Specifications: Paradigm 9H Loudspeakers
Design: 6-driver, 3-1/2 way hybrid floor-standing with active bass drivers
Cabinet: Acoustic suspension
Crossover: 3rd-order electro-acoustic @ 2.4kHz/3rd order @ 400Hz/2nd-order @ 200 Hz
Amplifiers: 2 x DSP-controlled 700W
Room Correction: Anthem Room Correction
Frequency Response: 19Hz–45kHz ±2dB
Sensitivity: 96dBSPL/1w/1m
Finishes: High Gloss: Vanta Black, Harmony White, Metallic Gloss: Aria Blue, Sonic Silver
Weight: 86kg (each)
Dimensions (HWD): 1320 × 300 × 520mm
Price: $US35,000 per pair
For local Australian pricing, contact Paradigm's Australian distributor, Audio Active