NAD Electronics has announced a high-performance, low-cost CD player, the NAD C538, that uses the latest generation Wolfson 24/192 DAC.
Sennheiser has won an iF Design Award for its Momentum Bluetooth earphones.
KEF is promoting its Q Series speakers with a ‘Store Credit’ offer. If you buy a pair of qualifying Q Series speakers you will receive a store credit voucher. Purchase a pair of KEF Q150s and you’ll get a $40 credit voucher. Purchase a pair of KEF Q950s and you’ll receive a $200 voucher.
Parasound has released the Halo JC 5, a 400-watt stereo power amplifier designed by John Curl.
B&W has an ‘Upgrade Your Sound’ promotion running. If you buy any pair of new B&W speakers, you will receive a guaranteed trade-in value for any old, working speakers you trade in.
Beats by Dr Dre has launched a 'Decade Collection' to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
SoundAcoustics’ new BEAR Series LF70 corner bass trap uses a bass trap design incorporating an acoustic reflector to significantly improve absorption of unwanted low-frequency energy.
David A. Wilson, co-founder of Wilson Audio, arguably the world’s most famous loudspeaker manufacturer, died on Saturday May 26th, 2018, aged 73, after a long battle with a rare metastatic bone cancer.
The Kubrick DCX turntable, manufactured in Serbia by Soulines, is the company’s flagship model, whose name is said to be because its design was inspired by the space station in the Stanley Kubrick film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Audio Active Australia has appointed Bruce Thierbach as its new General Manager of Sales and Marketing.
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