Danish manufacturer Ortofon has added a new phono cartridge to its famous OM 5 Series—the Super OM 5E. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Though it’s very obviously based on the entry-level OM 5, Ortofon says this ‘Super’ version has a more extended frequency response and increased separation between left and right channels, plus it has an elliptical stylus, for improved tracking and reduced distortion. ‘Designed with sophisticated computer simulations and built using incredibly precise machining, the Super OM 5E is the pinnacle of the OM 5 Series,’ said Sam Encel, of Interdyn, which distributes Ortofon in Australia. ‘Its elliptical stylus tracks the grooves of a record with ease and grace for a more detailed, clearer sound, and because of its light weight, the Super OM 5E is compatible with just about any tonearm, making it an easy upgrade for a vinyl beginner or a terrific option for a second system.’ As you’d imagine, the stylus of the Super OM 5E is interchangeable with other OM styli.

Available now, the Super OM 5E sells for $129 (RRP).

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Ortofon Super OM 5E

Frequency Response: 20–20,000 Hz ±2dB
Channel Separation: 22dB (1kHz)
Channel Balance: 1.5dB
Output Voltage: 4 mV
Tracking Ability: 65μm
Compliance: 20 μm/mN
Tracking Force Range: 1.5–2.0g
Recommended Tracking Force: 1.75g
Tracking Angle: 20°
Recommended Load Resistance: 47kΩ
Recommended Load Capacitance: 200–500pF
Stylus Shape: Elliptical
Price: $129 (RRP)

For more information, contact Interdyn