Australian manufacturer OAD Ultrafidelity has released a new two-chassis phono stage, the OAD UP1 MM-MC. (Click on any image on this page to enlarge)

The OAD Ultrafidelity UP1 is a direct-coupled low-noise phono preamplifier that has separate circuit boards for the left and right audio channels, plus an ultra-low noise linear regulated power supply that is fitted with a 30,000µF capacitor bank. DIP switches allow users to select a wide range of input resistance values (from 22Ω to 47kΩ), add additional capacitance, and adjust overall gain (40dB to 80dB). Of course you can also select between moving coil and moving magnet options. Although the UP1 has only a single input, it has two line-level outputs, one balanced, the other single-ended. The chassis is CNC-machined and fully anodised.

‘The UP1 is capable of faithfully reproducing vinyl recordings in a way that has never before been available at this price point, and with ample adjustability and gain, there is no MC or MM phono cartridge that the UP1 will not be compatible with,’ said Rom Beyerle, of Pure Music Group, which distributes OAD in Australia. ‘Of course specifications are one thing but we can confirm from listening that the transparency, resolution, dynamics and overall musical engagement we expect from top level vinyl playback is all there with the UP1, which we believe is truly a breakthrough product at its price point.

Available now, the OAD UP1 sells for $2,799.

For more information, contact Pure Music Group