Hi-Fi industry veteran Stephen Tuckett showed his Number 9 turntable at the Australian Audio Show, this year held in Melbourne.

The Number 9 uses a two-layer plinth. The lower layer is 32mm thick MDF, while the upper layer is a 20kg slab of waterjet-cut granite. In between these two layers are 33 Sorbothane hemispheres that are compressed to 80 per cent of their original volume by the granite slab, which Tuckett says enables them to deliver their maximum damping capability, completely eliminating acoustic feedback. The bearing shaft is machined from 316 stainless steel and is grooved to reduce frictional surface area. The outer housing is phosphor bronze. The shaft’s bearing comprises a polished sapphire disc and a ruby sphere. The dual-belt drive is driven by a pair of Premotec 24V motors controlled by a 32-bit ARM processor that Tuckett says enables pitch accuracy of better than 0.05Hz. ‘It’s generally accepted that the average human can detect a difference of 1.273Hz, so it became our goal at the outset to design a speed control system capable of achieving better than this degree of accuracy,’ he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. Tuckett said that his Number 9 can be switched between rotating at exactly 33.33rpm and 0.7 per cent faster, as well as at 45rpm. ‘We’ve added the extra 0.7 per cent speed so we don’t upset the thousands of people used to hearing their vinyl on Rega turntables, which are all set to revolve slightly faster than standard speed—around 33.66 to 34rpm, thus raising the pitch of the music played,’ said Tuckett. All Number 9 turntables will be fitted with a 12-inch ‘The Wand’ tonearm from Design Build Listen in New Zealand. Pricing has yet to be finalised, but Tuckett estimated it at ‘10–12k’ including tonearm.

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altPictured Above: Number 9 Turntable with 12-inch 'The Wand' tonearm.

Pictured Below: Stephen Tuckett, pictured with the Number 9 at the Australian Audio Show, Melbourne, 2013.

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