Peachtree Audio featured six new products at CES 2012, as well as the Grand Pre announced last year. The Peachtree Grand Integrated ($US4,295) has a top-line ESS Sabre 9018 DAC and asynchronous USB circuits and an ICEpower output stage rated at 400-watts per channel. ‘In this one chassis, you’ll find a high-resolution DAC, a hybrid tube preamplifier, a 400-watt per channel high efficiency amplifier, and a state-of-the-art headphone amp,’ said Jim Spainhour, of Signal Path International, which manufactures Peachtree Audio. ‘It’s so simple to use, anyone can enjoy great sound at the push of a button and the turn of a knob.’ Peachtree’s ‘Performance series’ integrated amplifiers, the Decco65 ($US899) and Nova125 ($US1,499) integrated amps have higher power outputs. The new NovaPre ($US999) and Peachtree220 ($US1,399) occupy the top spots in the now-complete Performance series. ‘You can see that after starting out a bit piece-meal, we’re trying to grow out our line into a full line of products,’ Spainhour told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘It took us a good while to work out how to outdo the Nova, but ultimately I think the Nova 125 will be the most successful of all our new products.’ At the heart of the new range of amplifiers is a ‘new breed’ of Class-D power stage. ‘It samples many times that of older designs and our proprietary input stage merges the best qualities of traditional Class-A/B topologies with the efficiency and power of Class-D,’ said Spainhour. Peachtree Audio’s Performance Series will be available in real wood (Cherry or Rosewood) or black gloss. When asked about Peachtree’s acceptance in Australia, Spainhour told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that he was more than satisfied with how the brand was tracking: ‘We’re already doing pretty well in Australia,’ Spainhour said, ‘and now with this new line, we can offer customers everything from entry level to the best digital performance available.

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Jim Spainhour Peachtree Audio Signal Path

Above: Jim Spainhour of Signal Path International pictured at CES 2012 with the new Peachtree Audio Nova.125 which he thinks will ultimately be the most successful of the six new products released at the show.

Below: Peachtree Nova.125