Roy Hall's newest turntable, the Music Hall mmf-1.3, launched at CES 2017, has three speeds and electronic speed control

The new mmf 1.3, released at CES 2107 is a three-speed, belt-driven turntable, with the three speeds controlled electronically. The belt drives and alloy platter topped with a rubber mat. The plinth is piano-black gloss-coated MDF.

All mmf1.3s will come fitted with an aluminium-tubed tonearm that has a removable headshell. Included in the turntable price ($US299) is an Audio Technica AT3600L phono cartridge.

The Music Hall mmf1.3 has a built-in phono preamplifier, which can be bypassed if you’d prefer to use an external phono amplifier. All mmf 1.3s will also come standard with RCA cables and a dust cover. ‘We’re currently working on another version of the mmf 1.3 that will have a real wood finish and an S-shaped tonearm, but will cost a little more as a result,’ said Roy Hall, who was, as always, on the front line in his demonstration room at the Venetian.

Another new Music Hall release at CES 2017 was the ha11.1 headphone amplifier, which will retail for $US275. (Pictured Below)

For more information, contact Music Hall’s Australian distributor, Convoy International.