NAD has announced the release of the company's flagship components in the new Master Series range of high quality electronics. The new range will span across the gamut of digital components from control preamplifier with DAC, to multi-channel processor to a choice of stereo or multi-channel amplification, with components featuring advanced circuits and, in the case of the processor, future-proofed modular construction.

The M17 Surround Sound AV Preamp/Processor features a stream of features including compatibility with the latest UHD sources and studio quality surround sound formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS MasterAudio. The M17 offers seven HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs while audio connectivity is via both balanced and unbalanced socketry.

“We have designed the M17 with MDC, Modular Design Construction, to ensure future-proofing. This allows subsequent upgrades via the insertion of modules based on new technology as it is developed” explains Greg Stidsen NAD’s Director of Technology & Product Planning.

The Master Series M22 and M27 are power amplifiers in two- and seven-channels configurations. The amplifiers feature the latest and highly-acclaimed nCore technology from specialist company Hypex. NAD has taken the nCore technology in the M22 and M27 “analogue switching amplifiers” and performed some proprietary refinements to suit their mating with the rest of the Master Series componentry. A comprehensive ‘White Paper’ describing the substantial engineering prowess of the nCore implementation is available for download at NAD’s website.  

A perfect match to the power amplifiers is the M12 Direct Digital Preamp DAC. The transparent preamplifier section is mated to a high quality 24/192kHz asynchronous USB DAC while NAD’s Direct Digital processing is said to guarantee real time 24-bit accuracy for low jitter reproduction. A newly-developed BlueOS module allows direct HD streaming from servers and NAS drives, TuneIn internet radio and full control of your music library in an attractive GUI that displays art work, play lists and all manner of information via a free App. The BlueOS module also offers ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth aptX connectivity.

The new Master Series has also been cosmetically refreshed with a simple, yet very elegant, industrial design and silver and black contrast livery.

Pricing is yet to be announced. For more information visit NAD.