Pure Music Group is now the official distributor for all hi-fi loudspeakers and electronic components (amplifiers, CD players, and DACs) manufactured by famous UK company ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company). (Click images to enlarge).

We have long admired the ATC products and brand because of their no-nonsense design ethos toward pure engineering excellence and impeccable craftsmanship,’ said Rom Beyerle, of Pure Music Group. ‘ATC continues to design and manufacture all of their speakers, drive units and electronics in-house, which remains one of the many ways they are able to maintain such incredibly high quality and reliability whilst consistently improving through investment R&D towards new products and technologies.’

Originally a manufacturer of passive and active loudspeaker systems for domestic and professional use ATC, which was founded by Australian-born Billy Woodman and is now managed by his son, William Woodman, recently expanded its range to include hi-fi components such as the CDA2 Preamp/CD Player/DAC and the SIA2-100 compact form-factor integrated amplifier with DAC.

At a time when high-end audio is seeing more and more boutique products on the market, with increasingly high price tags, we are thrilled to be partnering with a manufacturer whose ultimate goal remains first-class sound, but delivers products at real-world prices within reach of any dedicated music lover, without sacrificing on quality or craftsmanship,’ Beyerle told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘Through decisive design principles and manufacture, ATC are able to sustain tremendous sound quality and the lauded ATC sonic signature right throughout their range.

In addition to maintaining existing ATC dealers across the country, we plan to add additional dealers so we can re-invigorate this much-loved brand in Australia, and we’ll work with our retailers to ensure great prices and excellent support and service,’ said Beyerle. ‘Customers considering new loudspeakers at any price point should absolutely seek out an audition of an ATC loudspeaker and hear the difference for themselves.’

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